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DOH Share the Road Program
Kanawha City Bike Path
Kanawha Trestle Rail Trail
KRT Bike Racks
Kanawha/Putnam Bicycle Pedestrrian Plan
St. Albans Bike Path
Part of the MSWBC's mission is to promote cycling as recreation, sport, and transportation. This page contains some to the programs and projects in which the Wheelers have promoted, sponsored and/or participated in recent years.Click on the links at left to learn more about the individual projects.If you have comments or suggestions concerning cycling advocacy or the content of these web pages, contact Dennis Strawn is our advocacy coordinator at 304-343-5241.

Featured Projects:

Kanawha City Bike Path

The Mountain State Wheelers Bicycle Club obtained a $5,000.00 grant from the Governor’s Civil Contingency Fund in 2004 to rehabilitate the Kanawha City Bike Path (KCBP). The path was created about 30 years ago during the heady days of the OPEC oil embargo.The current work entailed rerouting 2 sections to alleviate some traffic conflicts that have arisen in the past few years, extending the route to the University of Charleston (UC) campus, installing crossing signs at busy intersections and buying new signs were needed.The KCBP is 7 miles in length and is entirely flat. This path is an outstanding neighborhood asset accommodating many user groups, not just cyclists. It is not uncommon to see runners, rollerbladers, moms with strollers and seniors enjoying these tranquil shaded designated streets.The club uses this path for many of our rides and it is a great venue for our mentor rides, which introduce cyclists to group riding on public streets in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Charleston Parks and Recreation Department is building a small park at 57th Street. The park will be designated the rest stop on the bike path and will feature benches and a water fountain.

KRT Bike Racks

The Mountain State Wheelers Bicycle Club received a $4,520.00 grant from the Sustainable Kanawha Valley Initiative (SKVI) in November of 2004 to put bike racks on the Kanawha Valley Regional Transit Authority (KRT). This grant amount was used as a 20% match to get CMAQ funds of $14,736.00. These fund were used to purchase 65 bike racks to install on every bus in the fleet. KRT graciously installed the racks at their costs. KRT also created a wonderful brochure on how to use these racks.Click here to view or print the brochure.The racks hold 2 bikes each. They are available to any KRT rider at no extra cost. First come, first served. Since inception, use of these racks have exceeded projected use. KRT is extremely pleased with the response so far.A special thanks to SKVI and KRT for seeing the value in this project, especially at a time increased costs for transportation.

Kanawha Trestle Rail Trail

The Mountain State Wheelers Bicycle Club is a proud supporter of the creation of an urban trail in the heart of Kanawha Valley connecting Charleston, South Charleston and Coonskin Park. This project is 4 years old and gaining steam. Check out the awesome brochure ( PDF).Congresswoman Capito has secured an $800,000.00 (Nov 2004) transportation appropriation to kick this project off. A transportation enhancement grant is pending with the state. If successful work will start on rehabilitating the CSX trestle across the Kanawha River in 2007 with a 2008 opening for the first phase of the trail system.The city of Charleston has pledged $475,000.00 to use as match for the transportation enhancement grant.The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation has awarded this project $60,000.00 (Sept 2006) for land acquisition. This has given the project a tremendous boost as we start negotiations with the railroad.

CSX has agreed to donate the land and trestle valued at $375,000.00 towards this project.

We are promoting this project with a 10-year plan to bring a whole new way to recreate and commute on foot and bicycle. This linear park will literally connect the valleys many attractions with a pleasant green corridor.

To help us out please consider writing a letter to let city, county and state leaders know this is a project worthy of the residents of the area. Please read the Executive Summary to learn more about this wonderful project.

St. Albans Bike Path

The City of St Albans updated and expanded there bike path in 2003. The city added two new courses that include some hills on them. Of course the original course is flat and leisurely winding its way wonderful neighborhoods.Click for a pdf map of the bike route.

DOH Share the Road Program

The Mountain State Wheelers Bicycle Club worked with the West Virginia Department of Highways 3 years ago to get “Share the Road” signs put up around the Kanawha Valley.Some of the locations are:

  • MacCorkle Avenue
  • Greenbrier Street
  • Route 114
  • Route 119
  • Kanawha Turnpike
  • 7th Avenue (North Charleston)

A special thanks to the WVDOT for starting this program. To get signs put up in your area contact:
Ryan Burns, Program Manager
Community Development Specialist
West Virginia Department of Transportation
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Building 5, Room 816
Charleston, WV  25305-0430
Phone: 304 558-9297
Fax: 304 558-3783

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