Watoga State Park
September 27-29, 2019
All riders are requested to complete and carry an emergency information card with them. This is very important for riding in these remote areas.

The Watoga weekend is held at Watoga State Park in Pocahontas County. In addition to featured rides, there are alternative road and mountain biking opportunities for participants such as the Greenbrier River Trail, Ann Bailey trail, and Rimal Loop.. Lodging options include cabins in the park, either of the two campgrounds in the park, or private rental cabins in the area.

Saturday rides options range from 11.9 to the challenging 49 mile Assault on Droop Mountain ride. (4,460'). Sunday, will feature options for 18, 39* (2,600'), 57(3,500') , 62* (4,600'), 80 **(4800') and 102** mile (7,000') rides. Starting from Hunterville on Sunday and just doing the loop portion of Sunday rides would give you 38 or 62 miles.
*Starts from Huntersville.

Saturday Rides Starting from Camp:
22 Out and back to Hillsboro
33.9 Ceasars Mt.- Droop Mt. State Park-219
40.3 Caesars Mt. - Lobelia - 219
40.4 Ceasars Mt. - Droop Mt. State Park - Locust Creek
49 Assault on Droop Mountain

Saturday Rides From Hillsboro:
11.9 Ceasars Mt. - Droop Mt. Park - 219
18.4 Ceasars Mt. - Droop Mt. Park - Locust Creek
18.3 Ceasars Mt. - Droop Mt. Lobelia -219
24.8 Ceasars Mt. - Droop Mt. Lobelia - Locust Creek

Maps (PDF), Descriptions (PDF), Photos, Tips (PDF)

Mountain bike options include rides from the campground, the Rimal Loop, the Cranberry Glades, or the Greenbrier River Trail.

(Map of Watoga SP Area). For people leaving after work on Friday, one popular route is to take I 64 to White Sulpher Springs, 92 north from White Sulpher to 39, West on 39 to Huntersville and then left 8-9 miles to the campground. Not the shortest way, but the easiest drive and probably the fastest after dark.

Temperature can vary greatly during the day and fall significantly during the night. Check out the Camping Tips and Checklist (PDF) for suggestions. Bring a variety of clothes for layering. A good sleeping bag (or warm partner) is required for comfortable sleeping. If you have a cheaper bag, you might want to bring along a comforter to throw over it for some extra warmth. Beaver Creek has hot showers and flush toilets. A small donation for the firewood used at the central campsite is appreciated. The nearest convenience store is 9 miles (one way) at Hunterville. Ice is available the campground.

Friday and Saturday will be the usual community campfire and Saturday night will be the group dinner. Generally people prepare a dish to share with the group, but if you just want to cook for yourself, that is OK, but please join the rest of the group to eat. It is a good time to cook for other people, because after a lone ride, everything taste good. If you don't have a camp stove and are not comfortable cooking over a fire, you will probably be able to find someone willing to share, so don't run out and buy one just for this weekend.

For non riders, there are plenty of hiking trails plus other state parks to visit in the area. Saturday is Traditions Day in Huntersville so you might want to check out the arts and crafts. A visit to the Pearl Buck Birthplace in Hillsboro is interesting and the short hike through Beartown State Park is always enjoyable and Droop Mt.Batt;efield State Park is enjoyable for the history buffs. Cass Scenic Railroad in Cass and the Green Bank Science Center at Greenbank are in easy driving distance. Reservations are suggested for riding the Cass train.

Should we suffer cooler weather, the wimps among us may opt to hike.

The Loop curve is always a joy to see on Saturday's ride into Clover Lick.

Many of you are aware that park of Beaver Creek Campground borders the old Watoga Airport. Here is a photo of a plane at Watoga Airport.

(Note from Dale Porter: I will be leaving for Watoga sometime on Friday. For last minute questions, you might contact some of the other Wheelers who have attended the camping weekend recently such as Tom and Nora, Vince and Jeanne, Gallie, Dan, Kenneth, Felicia, Matt, Julie, Jeff, or Kathy.

Camping Defined

"Camping is sleeping in a flexible shelter with no more than one inch of padding between you and the ground for each 10 years of your life." - Jim Saulters

"Camping is where you bring just enough to eat on the weekend so you can stop and eat on your way home." - Dennis Strawn

"Camping is experiencing the dark of the night, the light of the moon, the sounds of nature, and the change in the weather without injecting noise from a box and light from a lantern." - Dale Porter

Registry of Historic Places

Locust Creek Covered Bridge


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