Emergency Contact Information

emergencyCardUnfortunately we never know when a medical emergency and/or accident may happen. When these situations occur, it is important that emergency contact and basis medical information is available to persons riding with us and to emergency service personnel attending us. We are often riding with casual or new acquantices (or alone) who know little of our personnel life. Multiple contacts are necessary to make sure that someone can be reached. "Allergies" are alergic reactions you may have to certain drugs, foods, ect. more so than "hayfever." "Rel" refers to "relationship." "Medical Ins. Provider" is your medical insurance provider.

The club is encouraging every member to carry critical information in their bike bag. The club is asking all members (and any cyclist) to carry at least the following information in their bag. For your convenience, it is provided in a variety of formats designed to be folded over to a busness card sized document.

The WordPerfect and Word formats can be used to complete the information on your computer. The PDF version can be used to complete the information by hand. After completion, the information should be weather proofed in some manner. Options include having it professionally laminted, laminating it yourself with adhesive laminating sheets, or coating the paper with varnish that can be found in arts and craft stores.

Download Forms Below

P.S. - Be sure to have one on EACH of your bikes.

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